Protecting and Preserving the Fish Creek Watershed

Our Watershed Stewardship project protects and preserves the ecological integrity of the fish Creek Watershed by monitoring and assessing the creek water and selected wildlife, mobilizing volunteers in activities that will protect the aquatic ecosystem and reporting the results to those who can improve policies and management strategies. We are looking for support for Phase two of the Watershed Public Awareness campaign that will engage communities to act and ensure that the water in Fish Creek is safe, clean, sufficient and able to sustain Fish Creek Park for future generations to enjoy.

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Land: Protect property value and support sustainable land use recognizing all real estate assets involve land.


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Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society

The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society was established in 1992 and incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in 1993. In the late 1990s, the Friends moved into our current location in the Cookhouse at the Bow Valley Ranch. Today, we work with park management, over 200 volunteers, over 800 members, sponsors, donors, and community organizations to deliver programs, courses, and events in the park.